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The best easy pastime for any normal human being is watching TV. You can watch 7 categories of video shows such as Entertainment, Sports, News, Music, Kids, News and Religious. Are you looking for some apps for watching TV freely on your Android smartphone? Movietvapk brings for you the best list free movies live TV and best streaming apps review for your Android devices.

movietvapk - Best Free stramming apps

Most of these Apps do not provide Free TV shows from their servers but they stream TV channels online by searching web directory. There is a list of some best Android apps for streaming live TV online over your Wi-Fi or cellular network

Best HD Movies and Free Tv Shows App 2020

Now we provide the best collection of Hd movies and free tv apps. 

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD: Cinema HD IconCinema HD is an excellent medium of ultimate entertainment. You can enjoy by Cinema HD all the movies and free TV shows in the world. It provides video content swiftly with high resolution. You can watch them easily on your Android Android, PC, and Firestick. Cinema APK library is also rich in movies and series. Cinema HD provides Full HD, 4K, and 1080p videos content freely.

So download Cinema HD on your Android Android, Firestick and PC and enjoy unlimited buffer less & high-resolution videos movie. The minimum operating version of Android 4.1. for installing Cinema HD.

Features Of Cinema HD

  • Totally free-to-use app
  • Very high-quality video streaming support
  • Easy to use
  • Usable on Android smartphones, SmartTV, and PC.
  • A large content library of movies and Tv shows.
  • best 4k movies
  • free streaming tv

Download Cinema HD

2. Teatv

Teatv Apk IconTeatv: Teatv is another app for watching movies and video episodes with 1080p quality freely. You can watch videos online or download them into your Smartphone directly TeaTv is a popular APK to stream movies free.

Thousand of viewers use TeaTv for stream Movies & TV Shows online on an android phone. The best facility of this app, you can download your favourite movies and television shows on your Android phone without any subscription charges.

You can easily Download Teatv apk and Install it in your android device such as Smartphone, smart TV, PC.

Features of Teatv

  • Tea Tv hosts many movies and television shows from different parts of the world
  • High resolution of video contents
  • Videos can be viewed as well as downloaded
  • Favorite videos are available by searching in the app
  • Tea tv also downloaded in firestick

Download Teatv

3. Kodi

Kodi Apk IconKodi launched in 2002 while it was called Xbox Media Player. Maintainer XBMC Foundation renamed it Kodi in 2014. Kodi is an open-source media player for android tv apps. It has made a storm of criticism for good and bad reasons.

Kodi is a media player that provides video content like Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube. It provides access to you a lot of TV shows, movies, and other media. Kodi supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices.

The software of Kodi is free and it is a safe and trusted app and you can download and install on your device easily.

Features of Kodi

  • Kodi is used for playing music, movies, your favorite TV shows, browsing photos, watch live tv, movie stram and much more.
  • Kodi has a lot of customization options. So you can use it as you wish.
  • Kodi provides posters, fan art, trailers, video extras, and more to each item with films.
  • It can be used on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry.
  • Kodi also allows record and store live content

Kodi App Download

4. CatMouse

Catmouse Apk IconCatMouse is another online video streaming application as well as an Android app for watching movies and TV shows. This is one of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV.  CatMouse provides the highest quality of video contents, you can watch video shows easily and download.

It has a different specialty that it has subtitle files of different languages so you can easily understand the dialogues and enjoy your favorite movies around the world.


Features of Catmouse

  • It provides different qualities of videos from 480p to Full HD
  • The movie or tv series can be downloaded directly for watching later.
  • Videos can be watched either in the built-in video player or any other player like MX player and Vlc player.
  • It can be launched without registration…
  • It provides a calendar of releasing movies in the future
  • CatMouse is applicable in Android and IOS devices, Firestick, Android Box and PC.

Download Catmouse

5.Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix Tv IconCyberflix TV is another popular video streaming app that provides unlimited movies and TV shows in HD qualities without any cost. It is similar to  Terrarium TV because it is the cloned version of the Terrarium TV. Applicable in Android Smart Phone, Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, and other Android operating devices.

Also provides subtitles in more than 250 languages.



Features of Cyberflix TV

  • CyberFlix TV provides frequent updates for better facilities
  • All Movies and TV shows of CyberFlix TV are in HD resolution
  • The media player of CyberFlix TV has better viewing experience like VLC, CyberPlay and MX Player that means it is multiple video player supported.
  • CyberFlix TV has no ads
  • More than 220 Languages subtitles are available
  • No need to sign up to operate the app

Download Cyberflix Tv

6. Morphix Tv

Morphix Tv IconMorphix TV is another Android application for enjoying for Movies and TV shows. It is the modern way to watch the best choice movies from all the available movie streaming.

Morphix TV has a library of popular movies from where people can search their best favourite movies.  Morphix TV offers one-click video streaming at high-quality HD.



Feature’s Of Morphix Tv

  • Thousands of upcoming movies and TV shows to stream online.
  • The HD quality of all the movies and TV shows
  • In-built media players supported
  • Very fast streaming
  • One-click streaming
  • Active on Android TV, flawlessly in Amazon Firestick and Android Box

Download Morphix Tv

7. UnlockMy Tv

UnlockMy Tv IconUnlockMy Tv apk is a clone of  Cinema APK that provides unlimited movies and television series. Its is a totally free app and it can be downloaded and installed in Android mobile, Firestick TV and many other supported devices.

It is 100% safe and malware-free. It has Unlimited English movies and other language movies also.


Features of UnlockMy Tv

  • The apk is mobile friendly.
  • Recent Tv shows are available
  • All type of movies are available
  • After finishing the currently watching video the next video plays immediately
  • You can mark the videos that you like watching again and again.
  • provides different qualities of videos links
  • English and other languages subtitles.
  • It does not show any ads

Download UnlockMy Tv

8. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time APk IconPopcorn Time is another popular android Apk that provides hundreds of movies and episodes from TV series directly on your smartphone or any android device without download and most popular streaming app.

There is a similarity with Popcorn and the Windows version



Features of Popcorn time

  • Popcorn Time is totally free to use
  • It provides Tv series or movies with subtitles.
  • More than 255 languages of subtitles
  • Provide more than 44 language movies
  • Movies can be watched without downloading
  • 1080 HD, 720 HD qualities video are available
  • Popcorn Time provides newly released movies

Download Popcorn Time

9. MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD IconMediaBox HD is another popular app for enjoying movies and TV shows. Enormous people in the world like and use Mediabox HD APK. They are satisfied with the services of the app.

You can enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies in the MediaBox HD. People watch movies and TV shows on mobile phones more than television. Mediabox HD is the app for watching movies and free tv shows on mobile phones.


Features of MediaBox HD

  • Provides popular Movies/Shows.
  • Support on Smart-TV, Roku, Chromecast,FireTV, Wifi-Sharing…
  • Downloading option and Offline Watching
  • Real-Debrid supported
  • Changeable themes
  • Files app supported
  • VLC-Player supported

Download MediaBox HD


10. MovieBox

Moviebox Apk IconMovieBox is the best free app for your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and other android devices for watching the latest free movies and TV shows.

It is successfully installed on Apple TV, Android TV, Windows PC and Mac computer




Features of MovieBox

  • No signup
  • No payment
  • Users friendly GUI
  • No buffering
  • Media library
  • Watch and download
  • Social Media
  • Daily movie updates
  • Different Resolutions
  • Notifications
  • Filtering Search result
  • download movies free


Download Moviebox


11. Terrarium Tv

Terrirum APk IconTerrarium Tv Apk is one of the most popular online video streaming applications as well as an Android app for watching movies, TV shows and world news for free.

Users can enjoy unlimited movie and TV shows without any subscription on their smartphones and tablets,  Android Box, Fire TV or Firestick, Windows PC/Laptop, and other Android-supporting devices.


Features of Terrarium Tv

  • Available for HD movies, many News Channel with multi-language.
  • Totally cost of free
  • No need to Signup or Register
  • Supported by Chromecast.
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • High-quality videos such as FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p)

Download Terrarium Tv

12. HD Movie Box

HD Movie - best movie box HD Movie Box provides online movie streaming for the latest movies and series on smartphones and tablets in HD formate.

You can enjoy unlimited movies online, and you can also watch TV series without paying any cost.



Features of HD Movie Box

  • Unlimited movies and series in HD
  • The recent movies and series
  • Bookmark service that means you can use it if you want to watch later movies and series
  • Different type of movies, and TV shows
  • Search option for finding favourite movies

Download  HD MediaBox

13. Netflix

Netflix Tv - worldwide tv appNetflix is one of the best APK in the world which provides Movies & TV Shows without any buffer. Now Netflix APK has app for android. It is a tremendous useable and downloadable app for android user. You can enjoy Netflix APK services directly on your smartphone with 3G connection. It is not any matter where you stay, you can watch the latest episodes through your favourite Netflix shows.

Netflix is a video watching website that is useful for watching movies, TV Shows and listening music online on your Android, IOs and iPhones.  Netflix provides movies or videoes,  TV Shows and Songs according to the demand of the users.  You can watch videoes in Full HD without any ads.

Features of Netflix

  • Multi-Language subtitles
  • Ad-Free
  • High-Resolution Quality
  • Buffering free contents
  • Unlimited Movies
  • Download option
  • User Profile making facility

Download  Netflix

14. Hulu

Hulu Apk - best video steraming appHulu is  popular for live video streaming service. It also provides movies and TV shows as the demand of users. Hulu is the only service that provides current Tv shows.

It provide Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and Starz add-ons included many serial.




Features of Hulu

  • Excellent range of compatible devices included
  • A lot of popular contents
  • Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and Starz add-ons included
  • Provides user selected movies & that are downloadable.
  • Offers live Tv shows
  • Live Tv shows can be recorded


Download  Hulu

15. Mobdro

Mondro Apk - free tv appMobdro app is another apk that provides videos for free on Android devices. Mobdro provides different types of movies in various languages.

In Mobdro apk channels, shows and news are available.




Features of Mobodro

  • Latest Content
  • Ease of Navigation through Tools
  • Channel Listing for all Content
  • Spectacular Visuals & Audio Quality
  • Download Media on the device
  • Chromecast Support

Download  Mobdro

16. Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD Apk - best cartooon movie appCartoon HD APK is an excellent app for Android and iOS that provides entertaining and fun movies and free to download and it is unique for Cartoon TV shows.

It also  Provide Best cartoon entertaint movies , shows and amusing content/




Features of Cartoon HD

  • It provides different resulations contents like 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions.
  • Also applicable for Android, iOS and Windows OS running devices.
  • Freely provides movies, TV shows, videos and Cartoons
  • Download option
  • watch downloaded videos without an internet connection

Download  Cartoon HD

17. Morpheus Tv

morpheus tv - free movies apkMorpheus TV is an important free movie app that provides movies and TV shows for free. It has a download option to download popular movies.

This Tv App provides unlimited videos with a faster speed than any other similar app.



Features of Morpheus Tv

  • Completely free from ads.
  • Watch and download any TV show
  • Easy to use
  • HD quality video contents
  • Compatible with Fire TV and Firestick.
  • More than 20 different video providers.
  • Multi-language subtitle


18. Apollo Tv

apollo tv apk - free movies apkApollo TV APK is a very famous video streaming app for watching all types of movies and TV series as you like. The  app is applicable in android as well as the iPhone. It is the latest application for watching shows and movies with an excellent experience.

It is popular for its latest collections and efficient application.



Features of Apollo Tv

  • It is totally free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • Voice search option
  • Easy to download


19. Onebox

onebox apk - free movies appOnebox app is an app for Android and iOS devices that provide all the entertainment stuff like movies and Tv shows for children and families.

It works in Android, iOS & PC (Windows and Mac).




Features of Onebox

  • Feature of Onebox apk
  • The Onebox app is free of cost
  • Videos can be downloaded & watch in offline
  • Regularly provides latest movies
  • User-friendly application

20. BeeTv

beetv apk - free movies appBeeTV is one of the most popular online streaming applications for watching movies and TV shows over the web. It provides a favorite movie or TV show as user demand without any cost.




Features of BeeTv

  • Instant movies and TV shows discover
  • download option
  • upcoming movies and TV shows trailers
  • Releases TV Shows, Movies in HD
  • Provides latest movies and TV shows


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